COCONUT BRUSHES – CỌ XƠ DỪA TỰ NHIÊN 100% alternative to plastic brushes, reuse 5000 times, eco-friendly, chemical-free, handmade, metal brushes, bamboo brushes.

What’s coconut brushes?

AM Farm has 2 types of brush:

  • The brush makes from steel and NATURAL coconut fiber.
  • The other type makes from bamboo and coconut fiber.

    Both of them are environmentally friendly, handmade, can reuse and completely alternative plastic brush. AM Farm brushes have 20cm length, suitable for packaging in box or bag. AM Farm brushes have made by skillful and methodical workers.

Sợi xơ dừa - coconut fiber
Coconut fiber

   How long can we use coconut brushes?

     Coconut brush is really strong, can reuse over 5000 times. At the time the brush was damaged, put it back to THE MOTHER EARTH, it will decompose completely and won’t cause any problems for our environment.

    How much is the brush?

     You can pay 2,800vnd for a coconut brush, the lowest price is 1,600vnd. Contact us for big quantity or click here

 Metal Brushes - Coconut brushes
Metal Brushes – Coconut brushes

    Where do we make coconut brush?

     The material source is taken from Ben Tre. Fiber is completely separated from the dried coconuts by the clever hands, it can be used for making coconut brushes or planting trees.

     After selected the material, AM Farm starts to produce brushes and send them.

Quy trình làm cọ xơ dừa - coconut brushes
Coconut brushes making process

     Coconut brushes making process is not too complicated but need to be meticulous. AM Farm is the place where makes the best coconut brushes in Vietnam, strong and clean easily for all sizes of bamboo straw from 7 to 14mm.

Coconut Brushes - Cọ xơ dừa
Coconut brushes – Cọ xơ dừa

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