What is bamboo straws for business?

Bamboo straws for business - Xưởng sản xuất ống hút tre
Bamboo straws for business

Bamboo straw is a new kind of straw, it’s just appeared a few years ago to take the place of plastic straw. AM straws is environmentally friendly, first appearance when all of environmental problems are becoming urgent.

How to identify bamboo straws?

Bamboo straws are made from the small trunk of bamboo, vertical, having long internode, thin bark and hollow. Bamboo lives in the rocky mountain, their bodies have low nutrients, but have a high hardness and gloss, so we have the best bamboo straws quality as possible. To make the bamboo straws, we need to go through some stages.

Vietnam bamboo straws for business - Ống hút tre giá sĩ tại Việt Nam

Why do you need to choose AM Farm’s bamboo straws for business?

AM Farm is a place where we supply straws under AM Straws brand name (AM bamboo straws business). AM bamboo straws for business says no with chemical preservatives or bleach in our production process. Besides, AM Straws have even yellow with the natural colour of bamboo. We divide bamboo straws into some different sizes but not much, so it can be suitable with every user. AM Farm’s bamboo straws for business has 3 main kinds of size:

  • Small size: 6 – 8 mm
  • Smoothie: 9 – 11 mm
  • Milk tea: 12 – 14 mm
  • The basic length is 20 cm, besides, AM bamboo straws supplier are also make the straws following client’s requirements.

AM bamboo straws supplier produces 500,000 – 1,000,000 bamboo straws a month, AM’s storehouse has always over 500,000 straws. The orders that have below 500,000 straws, they are all shipped daily by AM bamboo straws supplier.


We offer a custom laser engraving service. Simply send us your logo (png or ai format for best results) and our designer will engrave a sample product for you, free of charge.


AM Farm is a renowned exporter of bamboo products. We have supplied bamboo to over 20 countries worldwide, and regularly send shipments to the EU, US and Australia. Our team will handle your shipment from start to finish.

How do we make bamboo straws for business?

  • 2-years old bamboo trees are taken from the forest by manual methods. AM’s bamboo straws supplier doesn’t take all, just take the old bamboo trees which is qualified to make straws.
  • We expose the taken bamboo trees to the sun from 7-15 days to change the skin colour from green to yellow.
  • Bamboo trees are cut into 20cm lengths. This is a so hard stage that needs a really skillful craftsman.
Vietnam bamboo straws wholesaler - Ống hút tre giá sĩ tại Việt Nam
Dry bamboo


  • After cutting straws with different lengths, the straws come to the next stage-remove the dust outside. AM’s bamboo straws supplier just removes the dust outside, keeping the straw’s bark for protecting itself, waterproof and keep natural gloss for bamboo straws.
Remove the dust outside


  • When AM’s bamboo straws supplier finishes the polish stage, move to sharpened the two sides of the straws for keeping brightness, nice and smooth.
  • After the straws are watered, they are exposed to the sun on a few days and prepared for the last stage-drying.

AM’s kiln:

  • Bamboo straws are dried and packed into plastic bags with moisture barrier by AM bamboo straws supplier to minimize mold moisture during transportation and use time.

Are bamboo straws safe?

  • Chemical-free

All AM farm products are free from chemicals and preservatives, Earth-friendly and natural.

  • Handmade

Our products are hand crafted by skilled, local artisan craftspeople.

  •  Reusable bamboo straws 

 AM reusable bamboo straws are amazing alternative to plastic straws, 100% natural and sustainable. We made cleaning brush for easy reuse.  Reusable bamboo straws  are the wonderful first step to a plastic-free living.

Bamboo straws can be reused 3-6 months and are biodegradable. At the end of their lifetime, they can be put in compost instead of the rubbish bin.

How much do bamboo straws cost?

Vietnam bamboo straws wholesale 100% natural for business from $0,03/straw for bulk. Price detail here

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